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Bandar Bukit Raja,Klang

Bandar Bukit Raja was planned in three stages with the developer still concentrating on Stage 1 the residential component. The developer has introduced a number of

Bandar Bukit Raja was planned in three stages with the developer still concentrating on Stage 1 the residential component. The developer has introduced a number of developments within Bandar Bukit Raja that include single storey terraces (Casa Nova I, Casa Nova II), one and half storey terrace houses (Daisy II), double storey terrace houses (Ellis, Avira, Elana, Petunia, Paloma and Avani), double storey super-link houses (Fuego) and shop-offices (Taipan). The designs vary depending on the model - older projects have more typical tropical design while the recent projects have modern and contemporary designs.Bandar Bukit Raja is a self-contained township in Klang by Sime UEP Development, neighbouring Taman Klang Utama and SP Setia's Setia Alam. Launched in August 2002, Bandar Bukit Raja spans over 5,300 acres of freehold land consisting of low-cost apartments to terrace houses.Accessibility wise, Bandar Bukit Raja is served by North Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE), Federal Highway, North South Klang Highway and the proposed Coastal Highway. It is about 10 minutes away from NKVE-Setia Alam Link.

Settled in the midst of a developing township, Bukit Raja will have its mix of amenities to offer its residents. Already available is the Jaya Jusco shopping centre, Giant, Big AEON, the brand new Setia City Mall and KL Central to name a few. As a matter of fact, Bandar Bukit Raja will soon have all the trappings of a mature township with a police station, park areas fire stations and schools to serve the residents. Eating out at night will not be an issue with Bandar Bukit Raja set near shops and Taipan Bukit Raja. 

Property Details

  • Name: Bandar Bukit Raja

  • Address: 41200 Klang, Selangor

  • Developer: Sime UEP Development

  • Completion Date: 2016 (estimated completion of township)

  • Type: Mixed

  • Tenure: Freehold

  • Land Area

  • Daisy: From 1,230 sf

  • Impressa: From 1,800 sf

  • Aspira: From 1,700 sf

  • Desira: From 1,640 sf

  • Impresa: From 2,020 sf

  • Lotus: From 1,650 sf

  • Taipan: From 3,040 sf

  • Elana: From 1,735 sf

  • Casa Nova II: From 20 x 70 ft

  • Casa Nova I: From 952 sf

  • Avira: From 1,800 sf

  • Levena: From 2,295 sf

  • Ellis: From 1,770 sf

  • Petunia : From 1,735 sf

  • Paloma: From 2,387 sf

  • Fuego: From 2,444 sf

  • Avani : From 2,127 sf

  • Dimension

  • Daisy: 20 x 65 ft

  • Impressa: 24 x 75 ft

  • Aspira: 20 x 65 ft

  • Desira: 20 x 70 ft

  • Impresa: 24 x 75 ft

  • Lotus: 20 x 65 ft

  • Taipan: 22 x 70 ft

  • Elana: From 20 x 65 ft

  • Casa Nova II: 20 x 70 ft

  • Casa Nova I: 20 x 65 ft

  • Avira: 22 x 75 ft

  • Levena: 22 x 75 ft

  • Ellis: From 20 x 65 ft

  • Petunia: 20 x 65 ft

  • Paloma: 24 x 75 ft

  • Fuego: 26 x 75 ft

  • Avani : 22 x 75 ft

  • Launch Price

  • Daisy: RM164,000 - RM321,000

  • Impressa: RM259,000 - RM410,000

  • Aspira: RM214,000 - RM348,000

  • Desira: RM224,000 - RM446,000

  • Impresa: RM259,000 - RM410,000

  • Lotus: RM208,000 - RM374,000

  • Taipan: RM484,000 - RM1,686,000

  • Elana: RM299,000 - RM448,000

  • Casa Nova II: RM187,000

  • Casa Nova I: RM164,000

  • Avira: RM326,000

  • Levena: RM389,000

  • Ellis: RM384,000 - RM591,000

  • Petunia: RM456,000 - RM875,000

  • Paloma: RM488,000 - RM1,243,000

  • Fuego: RM546,000 - RM1,161,000

  • Avani: RM438,000 - RM687,000

  • Subsale Price: RM385,000-RM1,500,000

  • Rental: RM900-RM3,500


  • Daisy (3 rooms)

  • Impressa (4+1 rooms)

  • Aspira (4 rooms)

  • Desira (4 rooms)

  • Impresa (4 rooms)

  • Lotus (3+1 rooms)

  • Elana (4 rooms)

  • Casa Nova II (4+1 rooms)

  • Casa Nova I (3 rooms)

  • Avira (4 rooms)

  • Levena (5 rooms)

  • Ellis (4 rooms)

  • Petunia (4 rooms)

  • Paloma (3+1 rooms)

  • Fuego (5 rooms)

  • Avani (4 rooms)


  • Jaya Jusco

  • Schools

  • Shops

  • Police station

  • Fire station

  • Recreational parks

  • Playgrounds


As a permanent residence, houses in Bandar Bukit Raja holds great appeal as units are being sold at very reasonable prices due the government’s initiative to address the needs of affordable homes in Malaysia. Families looking for bigger houses or homes in more serene surroundings will be able to find it in Bandar Bukit Raja. Being a new and still developing housing area, residents of Bandar Bukit Raja have been complaining about the safety of the neighbourhood despite the houses being in gated and guarded areas. According to residents, house break in cases are common even in the daytime in spite of security guards cycling around the housing area to prevent just that and suspicions have been cast upon foreign workers who work in the nearby developments.As an investment, houses in Bandar Bukit Raja carry the potential as houses are being sold at below market value, therefore buyers will have the potential of enjoying value increment on their homes.Sime Darby has been the winner of innumerable awards for their property development, including 4 of the coveted FIABCI awards for Best Residential Development in Subang Jaya in 1994, Best Residential Properties Category for Subang Jaya in 1995, Best Residential Development for UEP Subang Jaya in 2000 and Residential Category Award for UEP Subang Jaya in 2001.

Bandar Bukit Raja is a self-sustained township in Klang, carrying all necessities for their residents inclusive of schools, shopping malls and small eateries, therefore residents will never need to travel far from their homes; ensuring that traffic will always be at an optimum low with no congestion. There have however been some resident claim that the access roads into Bandar Bukit Raja are congested during peak hours.

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